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Mediacurrent Dropcast: Episode 2

No Bob this week but we soldier on in this week's episode.

Episode 2 Audio Download Link


Show Notes


"Team Kool-aid" members and their handles: Mark Casis (markie), Ryan Gibson (ryanissamson), Jay Callicott (drupalninja99), Jason Want (jasonawant)

Show Updates

Mark is working on a feed aggregator, should be out soon.

Mediacurrent Blog Mentions


Article 1

DrupalCon Latin America 2015: Keynote by Larry Garfield
Jay summarizes the highlight's of Larry Garfield's great Drupal 8 presentation.


Article 2

Panels, Blocks, Layouts, and Drupal 8
Jason talks us through whatever happened to the Layouts module in Drupal 8.


This week in Drupal 8

Mark shares some of the recent happenings in Drupal 8 and the group discusses.

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Thunderdome (Last Thoughts).

As usual, Ryan takes us home with some final notes.

Go to contrib module (that you don’t maintain):


Meet team member, Jay Callicott

An enthusiastic Drupal developer of ten years, Jay spent six years as Mediacurrent’s Lead Architect before transitioning to his current role in 2015. As the Vice President of Technical Operations,...

Learn more about Jay >

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