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Mediacurrent Dropcast: Episode 2

by Jay Callicott
March 17, 2015

No Bob this week but we soldier on in this week's episode.

Episode 2 Audio Download Link


Show Notes


"Team Kool-aid" members and their handles: Mark Casis (markie), Ryan Gibson (ryanissamson), Jay Callicott (drupalninja99), Jason Want (jasonawant)

Show Updates

Mark is working on a feed aggregator, should be out soon.

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This week in Drupal 8

Mark shares some of the recent happenings in Drupal 8 and the group discusses.

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Thunderdome (Last Thoughts).

As usual, Ryan takes us home with some final notes.

Go to contrib module (that you don’t maintain):


Meet team member, Jay Callicott

Jay is an engineer and leader with a passion for creating technical solutions that solve real-world problems. As a long-time advocate for Drupal and Open Source, he has spent over a decade speaking, writing, and developing enterprise solutions that advance Open Source worldwide.

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