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Mediacurrent Celebrates 2021 Pantheon Lightning Award

by Mediacurrent Team
May 28, 2021

History Factory and partner Mediacurrent recently won an honorable mention in the 2021 Pantheon Lightning Awards for launching the COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project. With this award, we are proud to be recognized among the world’s best WebOps leaders for creating web experiences that drive meaningful results.

Pantheon Lightning Award certificate

Capturing History in Real-Time With Pantheon

The Challenge

COVID-19 is driving corporate behavior. How can we capture that?

At the start of the pandemic, History Factory saw that there were many public sector and academic efforts to document the historic moment in terms of COVID-19 effects on health or communities. But there was no concerted effort to capture the unique experiences of the business sector. The COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project does just that. Many corporations made significant contributions to serve their communities impacted by COVID-19. These, and many other pieces of real-time history, are captured on the Project’s website.

c19 corporate memory about us page

The Impact 

What impact did this site have on the world in 2020? 

This pro bono effort from History Factory adds to the broader vision of society’s response to the pandemic through the lens of corporate America, with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility. It delves into how companies are serving their communities in a variety of ways: larger corporations helping small businesses, prioritizing public health over profits, reaching out to nonprofits, and helping frontline essential workers in need.

The future of the Project in a post-pandemic world is to serve as a valuable resource for academics and the coming generations of business leaders. 

business and community page - collection of articles

The Tech Stack

Which tools and frameworks made this project possible?

History Factory needed a technological solution that could help organizations document and preserve their history in how they responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. It had a plan to crowdsource content related to how industries and corporations were responding to the pandemic.

After a technical discovery, the decision was reached to fully decouple the front-end application with Gatsby. Mediacurrent’s open source tooling has a fully integrated React-based style guide to streamline the development of Gatsby applications. Rain CMS was used to manage the editing and admin experience while taking advantage of Drupal 8’s robust API’s to power the React frontend. We leveraged Rain’s base theme, components, and style guide which allowed for rapid deployment of the project, including custom work added with API integration for the statistic page.

A flexible, open source platform was created and launched in just three weeks.

  • Reduced time to launch by 75%: Mediacurrent’s Rain CMS, a Drupal distribution, was key to accelerate speed to market and provide a robust authoring experience.
  • Hosting Setup In Less than 24 Hours: Mediacurrent’s ongoing partnership with Pantheon provided the means necessary to quickly deploy the site on a reliable platform that would allow for further expansion when needed. Development servers were ready with continuous integration to move the project along in less than a day.

    Agile Project Approach: With a dedicated team solely focused on this fast-moving project, Mediacurrent embraced agile sprints, daily scrums, and consistent communication with History Factory as we embedded remotely with the History Factory team to make the site come together quickly.

To learn more and contribute to history in the making, visit:

To view the full list of winners, go to:

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