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#MCknowsFun: Who's ready for some football?

by Mark Casias
September 14, 2015

As always, the hashtag #mcknowsfun holds true, making this a great place to work (Tell them I sent you). This football season I have decided to commission the first Mediacurrent Fantasy Football League. I’ll admit, I also commissioned the first Fantasy Baseball team, but it was my first foray into fantasy baseball and frankly, I had no idea what I was doing. Granted, when it comes to any sportsball league I am pretty much in the dark, but I have been losing at fantasy football for a couple of years and decided I could at least pay attention to the league. After a grueling draft, which consisted of me sitting at a my favorite pub chatting online with my friends, the results are of the draft are in. The following is my synopsis of the draft results, with a little help from the draft scorecard of the league site (name withheld to protect the innocent).

  • Jock Itch (Geoffe): Geoffe is a buddy of mine who runs the ABQ Open Hack group. He was the first to talk smack, albeit in the most self-deprecating way, and also is a shoe in for the least SFW team name. He dominated the draft, at least by whatever standards the league results bot claims, by picking up some quality wide receivers.

  • Benevolent Dictators (Mark): Yours truly, I am rather surprised by this second place ranking. Of course, this means that I have cursed a good portion of the quality running backs of the NFL to a season of injury and / or mediocrity. So, let me apologize in advance to Eddie Lacy and Russell Wilson, for your impending doom.

  • James Rutherford (umm.. yeah. James): Winning the “Least Interesting Team Name” award, James is has a pretty strong back field with Marshawn Lynch and Matt Forte. Also, he is  forever indebted to me for not drafting Tom Brady before he could pick him up. I had him highlighted and had my mouse over the “Draft Tom Brady” button, and thought “Well James will kill me if I do this.” And this was even after the appeal of DeflateGate. (Note: James has since change the name of his team to "PatPatriot SuperSpy" but it was too late to not mock his previous team name)

  • NH Primaries (Matt): Matt went the route of the Running Back, drafting Le’Veon Bell and CJ Anderson in rounds one and two. He also picked up Randall Cobb in the WR spot which should pay off dividends. Though the automated grading system has him projected just shy of the playoffs, I feel he’ll be a contender.

  • Drush FU All (Justin): Justin comes from us from our friends at The Commerce Guys. He also wins the best Drupal related name of the league award. If only that was what we were really judging on. Alas, according to the grading system he’s sitting in sixth place. I really am beginning to doubt a system that has me in second place, and a team with Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy in the back field.

  • The Lone Woman (Shellie): Representing the smarter portion of our population, Shellie immediately stepped up the smack talk during the draft. We found she likes the more mature, nay tested, players of the NFL, drafting players with an average of 7.8 years of NFL experience. She also seems to like the southern coast of California, as she is heavy on SD Chargers players.

  • TK trainkilla #11 (Joel): The magic rating system was outright rude about Joels picks. It seemed to not like his group of running back picks, and doesn’t appreciate spreading out his backups. He has “The Gronk” which will be good for him, and a couple of quality WR’s including Calvin Johnson.

  • The Bus (Josh): Putting all of his eggs in the air-show basket, Josh went to the sky in rounds 1 and 2 taking Dez Bryant and Peyton Manning. He also picked up a very surprising Mike Wallace. The running backs he was able to pick up in later rounds may have a hard time making up the ground (see what I did there?)

  • Beavers (Corey): Though picking up Aaron Rodgers is never a bad call, the rest of his picks had the ranking algorithm going ‘Damn!’. (Get it? Beavers...Damn...) Corey also went to the sky, upping the ante by using his third round pick for a tight end and picked up Larry Fitzgerald in the fifth. Both quality players but may not pay out as planned.

  • Class Act (Greg): I am really beginning to doubt the ranking system at this point. Greg is another local friend of mine who constantly ranks in the top three the last couple of years we have been playing fantasy football together. He also got DeMarco Murray and Andrew Luck in the first couple of rounds. And I think the ‘analysis’ of DeAndre Hopkins is a little harsh. While he is projected to be dead last in our league, I am betting he’ll surprise everyone. Also, the above link to Gregs’ twitter account is moot as it’s something I created for him and he refuses to use.

Overall the draft was a lot of fun and had the right amount of friendly chiding. I am hoping to post updates throughout the season, but if history has shown anything, that will only be on weeks where I win, which again, history has shown to be not that often.

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