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MagMutual Teams with Mediacurrent to Launch New Site

MagMutual, the Southeast’s premier provider of medical professional liability insurance to physicians and hospitals in the United States, launched its new corporate website this week. Founded by physicians in 1982, MagMutual is one of the leading privately-held providers of medical professional liability insurance to physicians and hospitals in the United States. Operating throughout the United States with local office presence, MagMutual is the Southeast’s largest medical professional liability mutual insurer and the fourth largest in the U.S., serving nearly 20,000 physcians and 300 hospitals. 

The Atlanta-headquartered business teamed with Mediacurrent to develop, design, and rebrand the site on Drupal. A 360-degree approach to digital strategy resulted in a responsive design, personalized content, SEO optimization and a user-friendly learning center integrated with Bridge, a Learning Management System platform.

MagMutual Drupal responsive design











“The feedback has been extremely positive so far,” said Magmutual CIO Sallie Graves. “I am really proud of what we have accomplished together and very excited about the next phases. You guys did an amazing job!  It was one of my smoothest Day 1 experiences after a major implementation.”

Some of the highlights of the new include:

Benefits to MagMutual Customers

MagMutual’s new website is responsive, easy to navigate, and highlights its wealth of learning content for current and future customers. With the improved exceptional user interface and customer specific personalization, PolicyOwners and agents alike will enjoy a more streamlined experience with single sign-on access to portals and personalized content. Moreover, users will be able to easily find and engage with ungated “free” content, learn about products, obtain insurance quotes, purchase insurance, sign up for more in depth learning experiences & CMEs, and contact a representative or agent.  

A Website Primed for SEO and Marketing Success

Mediacurrent’s Digital Strategy team delivered a full Marketing Automation and SEO strategy tailored specifically to Drupal. The goal? Increase visitors, decrease bounce rates and ultimately improve business development among each of MagMutual’s key segments.

Previously, a large amount of site content was gated for PolicyOwners only. The majority of site users were either unaware of the wealth of content available or they struggled to find it. Now, a significant portion of content is available to users without login, improving user experience and SEO.

Leading the Way with Responsive Design

As MagMutual’s customer base moved toward mobile and tablet, so too did the demand for responsive redesign. The new site delivers a consistent, user-centered experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop, creating the opportunity for MagMutual to outshine the competition in mobile search.

Data-Driven UX

Mediacurrent worked to define key user personas for MagMutual and incorporate each into the new UX design resulting in a more cohesive experience for each. User persona research was further leveraged to guide clear conversion paths, structuring page layout and navigation elements to meet defined user goals.

LMS Integration and Login

Mediacurrent’s Development team solved for several challenges along the way.


  • A cumbersome login process prevented users from interacting on the site.
  • MagMutual’s course platform was antiquated, difficult for admins to use, and overall did not deliver on User Experience.


  • Mediacurrent simplified user roles and login on Drupal. We created enhanced Drupal user profiles with LMS (Learning Management System) integration and ensured SSO with MagMutual’s LMS platform.
  • Mediacurrent provided consultation services to recommend a 3rd party platform, performed course audits, and conducted LMS research.
  • Integration also includes: sending data from LMS to Drupal for user profiles and team profiles, and a streamlined backend admin experience. Additionally Drupal provides reporting data with MagMutual’s own business systems. is a proud addition to Mediacurrent’s work portfolio and a testament to the talent of our team members across design, development, and digital strategy functions. We’re excited to explore the initial results. Stay tuned for a complete case study!

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