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Join our Drupalcon Training Session: Component Based Development Using UI Patterns

Want to learn how to incorporate a component-driven development workflow in your Drupal project? Join the Mediacurrent team for a full-day workshop at DrupalCon Nashville on Component Based Development using UI Patterns!

Component driven development is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. A component based approach lends itself to a more modularized front end, more efficient development cycles, a consistent UI, and a smoother developer experience on both the front end and integration processes.

With the UI Patterns module in Drupal, you can achieve the benefits of a component-driven workflow in Drupal 8 and the design system holy grail:

The design system holy grail involves creating an environment where the pattern library and live applications are perfectly in sync. The idea is that you should be able to make a change to a UI pattern and see that change automatically reflected in both the pattern library and anywhere the pattern is included in production.

- Brad Frost, Atomic Design

Beyond that, a UI Patterns-based workflow also provides:

  • A living style guide built into Drupal
  • Self-contained portable patterns that can be used in any project
  • Smoother front end integration

What We'll Cover

Our full day workshop will start with an overview of component-driven development, typical workflows, and benefits for teams and stakeholders, and then we'll dive deep into the workflow by building out a sample Drupal theme using the UI Patterns approach. We'll cover:

  • An in-depth look at creating patterns including markup, styles, and behaviors
  • Composing complex UI patterns by nesting simple patterns in larger patterns
  • Integrating front-end patterns with Drupal using the UI Patterns module to simplify the process and preserve Drupal's baked in goodies
  • Advanced workflows with Sass, a Drupal 8 theme generator, incorporating ES6/Babel with patterns

Who's involved

The workshop will be led by several of our front-end developers here at Mediacurrent:
Mario Hernandez, Senior Front End Developer
Eric Huffman, Senior Front End Developer
Ben Robertson, Front End Developer

And we will be joined by Chaz Chumley, Technology Manager at Forum One.


The workshop will take place on Monday, April 9, 2018, from 9:00 am to 5:00pm. The cost of the training is $450 if you register before March 23, and $500 after that, in addition to your DrupalCon ticket, so register now to snag the early bird discount!

Component Based Development Using UI Patterns Training Details
DrupalCon Registration Information


Meet team member, Ben Robertson

With a background in web analytics and front end development, as well as building out custom Drupal and Wordpress backends with an eye towards usability, Ben plays an important role on Mediacurrent’s front end team.

In his early career, Ben sold digital advertising for newspaper companies (Chicago Tribune and Gannett). Driven to learn something new everyday, have a flexible work environment, and work in an in-demand field, he began taking programming lessons on the side of his advertising job. He built a freelance portfolio and soon landed an apprenticeship at a local marketing agency. In this role, Ben cut his teeth on some smaller support tasks and was eventually asked to join the team as a full-time member, where he was able to create front-end development best practices for the team and lead Drupal development projects.

Ben lives in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife, Ruth. He loves to garden, compost, read, ride his bicycle and hike.

Learn more about Ben >

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