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Introducing our Updated Buyer Persona eBook

Picture a world where you really understand your ideal customer profile (aka Buyer Personas). You would know their behaviors, how they think, and why they make buying decisions. And with that information, you can create targeted online experiences for your audience, an SEO plan that will bring in the customers you actually want to talk to, and you wouldn’t have to question big content decisions.

Today, we are happy to announce that we’ve updated one of our most popular resources, our Buyer Persona Template eBook. Our refreshed eBook includes more tips for building personas that will be strong enough to be the foundation of your digital strategy and lead generation needs. But my favorite part? We’ve added a worksheet you can fill in for your personas, so you can easily share them with your entire company.

Key Sections:

  • How to research your personas
  • Interview questions
  • How to identify how many personas your business needs
  • Sections of a good persona
  • Blank persona worksheet

New Buyer Persona Call to Action

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