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Introducing the Mediacurrent Dropcast!

Our inaugural episode. Team Kool-Aide starts a podcast and we talk about a variety of topics taken from The Weekly Drop.

Episode 0 Audio Download Link

Show Notes


"Team Kool-aide" members: Jay Callicott, Mark Casias, Ryan Gibson, Bob Kepford, Peter Mallett, & Jason Want

Mediacurrent Blog Mentions

Article 1

Prototypes: A Better Approach to Development
Jay summarizes the Prototype article and the group discusses.

Article 2

What is Headless Drupal?
Bob summarizes the Headless article and the group discusses.

Other relevant links:

Article 3

Drupal 8 and Backdrop CMS - A Brief Comparison
Jason summarizes the Drupal 8 article and the group discusses.

Thunderdome (last thoughts).


Meet team member, Jay Callicott

An enthusiastic Drupal developer of ten years, Jay spent six years as Mediacurrent’s Lead Architect before transitioning to his current role in 2015. As the Vice President of Technical Operations,...

Learn more about Jay >
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