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Introducing Contenta, The Next Wave in Decoupled Drupal

June 29, 2017

Contenta, a community-driven API distribution, is making it easier for non-Drupalers to harness the power of a decoupled Drupal CMS.

Drupal, Angular, and the Pursuit of Happy Content  

The idea for Contenta was born at DrupalCon Baltimore. It quickly caught the attention of Mediacurrent (and many others) who are actively contributing to extend this innovative initiative. We've been at the forefront of the Drupal decoupling movement for several years with contributions to Contenta focused on the Angular framework.

Making ‘Write Once, Publish Anywhere’ a Reality

The mission of Contenta is to be:

Friendly to non-Drupalers

Contenta comes with a default setup and optionally even default content models and content, so you are ready to start creating your consuming applications immediately!

Usable from the first minute

It comes with demo content to make it easy to evaluate decoupled Drupal. Revert to a clean slate after, in one click (please note, this project is moving quickly so if the instructions in the video below become out of date, the most up-to-date quick start instructions can always be found here).

A decoupled knowledge hub

Do you have trouble finding documentation for one of the pieces? Contenta provides a Knowledge Hub to point you there.

Feature-complete for decoupled

Contenta is built by people with extensive experience in real decoupled projects, and includes numerous example consumer apps in popular technologies like Angular, Chatbot, Ember, Elm, Ionic, React, Vue, and even WebVR! 

Contenta’s Community Update

This week, Mateu Aguiló Bosch and other Contenta contributors published an excellent article on detailing the project’s status, goals, and ways to get involved. Check out the article here. For installation directions and the latest updates on Contenta, visit or

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