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Inbound Marketing 101

March 4, 2015

You’ve built an awesome website. It’s exactly what you envisioned - beautifully designed, great functionality, and performs flawlessly. Days go by, weeks go by, and you’re still not seeing the traffic you had expected to see. Why? It’s not your site. It’s your inbound marketing strategy.

But what is inbound marketing?

Gone are the days where people are okay with intrusive marketing (sorry, Mad Men lovers). Let’s be honest, most of us get annoyed with the required ads on YouTube. So, instead of hunting for customers, wouldn’t you rather they all just come to you? That’s inbound marketing - the art of allowing your target audience find you. 

How does inbound marketing work?

Your potential customers take to search engines to find solutions to their problems. They click on the link that seems to best answer their question. While learning more about ways to solve their problems, they are prompted to get more information by signing up for an offer, providing you with a means to contact them to start the sales process. Though it sounds simple, there is a science to an effective inbound strategy. 

How do I improve my inbound marketing?

It all starts with a solid content marketing strategy. Once you’ve established what your goals are and who your buyer personas are, you’re able to start optimizing the content on your website to increase traffic. Think about the questions your buyer personas are asking. Is your content answering them? If not, it’s time to create new content

But you not only want to write new content, you also want to give your visitors clear paths to become leads, taking your strategy one step further. By using calls to action in your content, you can encourage visitors to not remain anonymous and to open up the door to have conversations with your company. Marketing automation is a great tool to use to track a buyer’s journey through your site. 

It’s important to note that consistently huge waves of traffic won’t come overnight. It takes a solid strategy backed with consistent efforts to see results. But by taking the time to create content that speaks directly to your ideal customers, you’ll find that the traffic you get will not only be higher in quantity, but also in quality.

What are some of your inbound marketing success stories?

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