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How to prettify the output from your remote drush commands

Have you noticed how the output from your remote drush commands wraps at awkward lengths? This is especially annoying with features commands:

Well, here's a quick fix! Throw this snippet into your drush alias. It adds a "shell-alias" that executes the features-list command with the --tty SSH option.

$aliases['my-alias'] = array(
  'shell-aliases' => array(
    'fl' => 'ssh --tty drush fl',


NOTE: If you get the error "The drush command 'fl' could not be found," then Drush doesn't know which sites directory to use. To fix, you have two options:

  1. Add the "--uri" option to the shell alias. E.g., 'ssh --tty drush fl'
  2. Specify the "l" option in drushrc.php. E.g., $options['l'] = ''

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