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How Drupal is Helping a Marketing Agency Revolutionize the Industry...

Over the last year, Mediacurrent has been intensively collaborating with Ad Giants, an innovative marketing company based in Dallas, Texas. Ad Giants boasts an impressive list of clients and strategic partners like T. Boone Pickens, the legendary oil and business man, who has been featured on national television ads advocating an energy plan overhaul.

Ad Giants came to Mediacurrent as open-source advocates. They wanted to understand how they could better leverage Drupal to accomplish a revolutionary marketing idea called MODsocket. We had already joined forces to redesign their corporate and two subsidiary sites (Pitchrocket and the Ad Giants ONE System). The goal this time was to allow small businesses, who oftentimes do not have the budget for their own advertising or marketing department, complete access to a subscription based storefront that can be customized to meet their branding and messaging requirements. This marketing-on-demand ecosystem provides its members with a variety of options, tools, and services. For example, members can select seasonal, holiday, and industry specific templates depending on their needs. Ad Giants has taken the program a step further by partnering with some of the leading vendors in the world. For instance, customers can acquire high-end digital photos from Getty Images, direct mail lists from AccuData, and business reports from Dunn & Bradstreet. David Farmer, CEO of Ad Giants, said it best:

Up until now, it was just the big guys who could afford to build or license these types of marketing-management systems. MODsocket helps level the playing field.

In order to execute Ad Giant’s vision, Drupal was brought in to fulfill the objectives. There were a number of challenges with creating a secure platform, integrating third-party tools, and configuring a localized environment for each customer relying heavily on Drupal’s multi-site capability. This allows for new client intranet portals to be rolled out quickly using a module set and custom base theme.

We developed the Drupal platform alongside their store app team, which helped with the major challenge of providing a seamless user experience across both platforms. We leveraged a number of the usual contributory modules such as Views, CCK and Organic Groups in some creative ways, as well as rolled our own customized solutions for single sign-on, cross platform user management, and other key features. For example, one of the requirements was to incorporate a calendar feature that would allow members to track their marketing campaigns. In order to accomplish this, we had to create some new Calendar display plugins for Views to create a linear year view for long running marketing events as well as custom filtering options for Organic Groups.

In summary, I admire the Ad Giants team for having a vision to change the way businesses traditionally approach marketing and advertising management. Typically, the agency paradigm of yesteryear only allowed their library of resources to organizations with deep pockets. MODsocket is disrupting this conventional model. They have built an exciting platform that will be continuously evolving over the next few months. Fortunately, Drupal’s flexibility allows for quick turn-around of feature changes, and scalability for thousands of customers. In order to promote early adoption Ad Giants is offering a free 30-day trial of the product – be sure to check it out!


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