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How a CDN Can Help Speed Up Your Website

In this day and age, time is money—both for website developers and site visitors. Page load times can be the difference that impacts search engine rankings, ad revenue, and overall sales. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) will cut the load time of assets between 20-50%, especially for users outside of the United States which amounts to an improved customer experience.

By speeding up CDNs, with geographically distributed servers, you can help deliver the fastest possible download for all users. In the past, CDNs were cost prohibitive and mostly reserved for sizable organizations who could afford to pay thousands of dollars per month. Recently, there has been an overall shift in CDNs that even the lowest traffic web sites can afford.

This previously recorded webinar covers:

  • What CDNs are
  • How to use the Drupal CDN module
  • Common CDN pitfalls and how to work around them
  • How to leverage CDNs with development/testing environments

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