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Habitat for Humanity Launches New Website on Drupal 8

Habitat for Humanity wanted to explore new ways to further highlight volunteer opportunities, broaden international reach, increase donations, and build an engaging desktop and mobile presence through its website, Habitat undertook a new digital and content strategy to better help users find the information they are looking for to achieve these goals. The new recently was launched using Drupal 8 as its content management system.

"Habitat for Humanity is excited about the relaunch of the website,” said Duane Bates, Sr. Director of Digital Communications Strategy and New Media for Habitat. “Our site has always been a critically important channel for us to share content about our global mission and to connect with people all over the world who want to help make a difference in communities.” mobile responsive homepage

One of the primary goals of the project was to consolidate the mobile and desktop experiences into one fully responsive website that works well across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The transition from a previous separate mobile site to a responsive design means that the new, content-rich site experience is consistent across different screen types.

Some Drupal 8-specific features of the new site include:

  • Out-of-the-box responsive capabilities provide a mobile experience for prospective volunteers and donors who can more easily engage via tablets and smartphones.
  • Reimagined content authoring that includes a streamlined editorial approval workflow allows the Habitat content team to publish content faster. Mediacurrent engineered the content management system to further empower’s administrators with flexible page layouts and the functionality to cross-pollinate story content throughout the website.
  • Multilingual capacities built into Drupal 8 core support translations and language handling for Spanish speakers. This feature can be further extended to support Habitat’s global community.

To learn more, check out the site launch announcement on the new 

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