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Gearing Up for Acquia Engage

by Mediacurrent Team
October 19, 2021

Mediacurrent is a proud sponsor of Acquia Engage

Another Acquia Engage is right around the corner! On October 26 and 27, Acquia hosts their annual event. The Engage 2021 conference will be fully virtual, just like last year, and free for all attendees. Register now (using MEDIACURRENT as your code) and join us!

At Engage, we’ll gather to explore, learn, and be together. We’re looking forward to two full days, jam-packed with brilliant ideas, impressive accomplishments, and all the super-smart, fully actionable insights we can handle. As a sponsor, we are excited to network with the Acquia community, connect with old friends, and meet new ones. 

Connect with the Mediacurrent team at our virtual booth where we’ll be sharing best practices, case studies, and info sessions throughout the event. Drop-in any time to chat with us.

Headless Drupal and Gatsby: Scaling Content Delivery

On Tuesday, October 26, from 12:15 PM to 12:30 PM ET, we’ll be holding a session that you won’t want to miss. Ron Northcutt, Acquia's Director of Developer Advocacy of Product Marketing, will be moderating a discussion with our Senior Director of Development, Mark Shropshire, and Jim Nourse, Penn State's Assistant Director of Web Development

Penn State News, one of Penn State University’s most visible communication platforms that generates millions of pageviews annually, has an ambitious goal to build a best-in-class digital storytelling platform. The decision was made to pivot to a headless Drupal architecture to transform the way they create and share news on their site. In our fireside chat, learn how a world-class public research university is revitalizing their news site into a more resilient platform that will deliver Penn State News the freedom to share stories with speed and scale.

Headless Drupal and Gatsby: Scaling Content Delivery

Stump the Drupal Experts

Our developers are hard at work creating brilliant websites and incorporating awesome marketing strategies, but it’s important to make time for open source projects too. In the last year, we released RainU CMS, upgraded Rain CMS to Drupal 9, and spent time on multiple Drupal 9 Readiness and compatibility sprints. Come chat with us about these projects, or anything else you’d like to talk about, and see if you can stump our Drupal experts. 

Acquia Engage Awards—Open Source Giants Finalist

Mediacurrent has been selected as a finalist for the Open Source Giants category of the 2021 Acquia Engage Awards, featuring the strongest contributions to the Drupal ecosystem. Our submission focused on Discover Drupal, a program that we are heavily involved in that began in July of 2021. Discover Drupal offers a 12-month scholarship and training program for underrepresented individuals in the open source community that will provide a foundation for students to work off of to assist them in starting a Drupal career. 

Helping others learn Drupal is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of my job. Knowing their lives (professional and personal), could be positively affected by Drupal the same way mine has, it's an exciting thing - Mario Hernandez, Head of Learning, on teaching with Discover Drupal

We love helping young professionals get started in a Drupal career and diversifying the open source community, so we jumped at the chance to become a training partner. In addition to the weekly workshops for the Front-End pathway and a number of scholarships provided to the program, we will also be mentoring students and providing an opportunity to intern with us after they have finished their scholarship. 

Discover Drupal

One of our students, Abokar Botan, has been featured by the Drupal Association and said that the “most exciting thing in this program is having a mentor who listens to all your ideas and gives you great advice.” All of our students, along with Abokar, have been wonderful to work with and we’re looking forward to continued participation in Discover Drupal.

See more about our company mission to support the open source community in our DrupalCon Global 2020 presentation, Creating a Culture of Giving Back.

Connect with Us

As we’ve all learned in the last year and a half, being online doesn’t mean we can’t network and connect! There are many ways to get in touch with our team of Drupal and digital strategy experts this year. We’ll be just a few clicks away in our booth, or you can reach out to book a one on one meeting with us!

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