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Friday 5: 5 Tips to Integrate 3rd Party APIs

TGIF! We hope you've had a great week.

We're hot off the heels of DrupalCon but couldn't disappoint and skip this week. We give you, Episode 8! This Friday, Senior Drupal Developer David Younker joins us to discuss 5 Tips to Integrate 3rd Party APIs.

He provides some great tips for integrating 3rd party APIs and feeds in Drupal 7 sites. Watch the video below to learn more about Using Aggregator, Using Feeds, Custom Solutions, API Keys, and OAuth.

Have a video topic you'd like to recommend? Feel free to email us at with any suggestions and stay tuned for Episode 9 in two weeks. Have a great weekend!

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David Younker

Meet team member, David Younker

David brings over 10 years professional development experience to his role as Drupal Developer at Mediacurrent. Over the past six years, his career has centered on creating new Drupal sites...

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