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Friday 5: 5 Benchmarks for Selecting a Digital Agency

Welcome back to the third episode of The Mediacurrent Friday 5!

This week, Managing Partner Paul Chason discusses 5 Benchmarks for Selecting a Digital Agency. Choosing an agency to trust with your most valuable digital asset, your website, is not something to take lightly. With years of experience in talking to organizations during their search for a new agency, he provides some key indicators to look for.

Watch the video below to learn more about Pricing, Team Size and Process, Listening for "No" More Than "Yes," Mission, and Successful History.

Have a topic that you'd like to learn more about? Feel free to email us at with any suggestions. Have a great weekend!

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Shellie Hutchens

Meet team member, Shellie Hutchens

As Director of Client Services, Shellie Hutchens draws on a 12-year professional background in client services and digital marketing to work with Mediacurrent's customers. Her specialty is developing cohesive marketing...

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