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Event Recap: ROI of UX Executive Briefing with Acquia

by Mediacurrent Team
June 21, 2017

The internet is changing the way we think, work, and play. In the second event of an executive roundtable series, we teamed up with Acquia and Lingotek to create a guide to understanding the return on investment of UX design.

The event drew attendees from nonprofit, higher ed, and large enterprise organizations in the Atlanta area for a lively discussion and Q&A. If you missed us, here’s a recap including the presentation deck and video recording.

Our “ROI of UX” presentation covered these key points:

  • Why user experience is so important
  • How to use personalization to optimize UX
  • Steps to increase ROI of UX
  • How to digitally transform your UX for cultural relevance
  • Defining UX

Presenter Josh Linard, VP of Sales at Mediacurrent explored the definition of UX including key challenges and insights:

The Definition of User Experience: There’s more to it than “humanizing” technology and the digital experience— strategic UX follows a process and performance metrics are used to measure success.

The return of investment in UX design is $100 for every $1 spent.

Common UX Challenges: We offered tips for breaking down common barriers to UX design success. For example, how do we leverage CMS, Marketing Automation, and CRM to drive user satisfaction?

Good UX = Good Business: We took a look at how “customer-obsessed” organizations like Amazon and Airbnb at the top of their UX game. The winning formula centers around building trust in the brand, using data to drive decisions, and adhering to modern design principles.

How to Personalize the UX

Today, customer expectations are higher than ever— and digital marketers are feeling the pressure. Acquia’s Ron Lingerfelt took a deep dive into the role of personalization in UX.

Personalization is a data challenge: In an effort to build personalized experiences, many marketers struggle to dig further than basic data such as name or email address. The data problem is clear. But how do we solve it?

A holistic approach is the answer: Data collection, content distribution, and personalization are not three separate issues. They need to be addressed holistically in order to truly deliver content in context to the buyer. Acquia Lift is able to address these issues by unifying content and data from multiple sources in a single solution.

Personalization in action: Ron shared several success stories of organizations who are leveraging Acquia Lift.

Localize the UX (Translations)

Lingotek’s Steve Larsen concluded the “ROI of UX” presentation, sharing his perspective on digital transformation and cultural relevance through the lens of a translations expert.

Localization is a key competitive advantage: Digital transformation is the key to survival. The competitive advantage goes to companies that are the fittest. Need a real-world example? Consider this: Blockbuster didn’t invest in digital transformation. Netflix did.

Accessible content improves the bottom line: Steve shared some compelling statistics that show Fortune 1000 companies who make accessible content are central focus are rewarded with millions in net income to the bottom line.

Good website translation is good UX: The right translation solution (and workflow) will make your site experience more enjoyable for multilingual users.

“ROI of UX” Presentation Deck and Recording

About the Presenters

Josh Linard, VP of Sales

Josh drives ROI and integrated, cross-functional benefits for Mediacurrent’s clients and partners, leveraging 18 years of experience in web-based technology assessment, application development and integration, and digital strategy. He loves working with the web and is passionate about taking great care of his client's objectives and investment in Drupal.

Ron Lingerfelt : Southeast Enterprise Regional Director

Ron is a proven technology sales and marketing professional with experience across multiple IT solution areas and customer segments. He is Versatile in abilities and areas of focus in having held a wide variety of positions within multiple business units and across varying sizes of technology companies.

Steve Larsen : Southeast Region Sales Director

Steve is an award-winning enterprise consultant with over 18 years of consistent performance in the technology, software, and healthcare spaces. He is recognized in consistently exceeding sales objectives, representing some of America’s most admired companies.

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