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Employee Spotlight: Tim Bell

by Daphney Addotta
October 8, 2020

Each month, we spotlight one of our amazing team members who work hard to bring you great results. Today, we interviewed Tim Bell from our development team. Let's get started!

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1. What’s your role at Mediacurrent, both internally and client-related?

I am a Drupal developer here at Mediacurrent. On several projects I am the lead developer, and in that capacity, I am responsible for translating the client’s needs into actionable deliverables.

2. Give us an idea of what professional path brought you here.

After graduating from college I got a job working for a newspaper company on websites for newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and outdoor advertising. After some time, the company was sold and I needed to find employment elsewhere. I knew several people that worked for Mediacurrent, so I applied for a job and was hired.

3. How did you first get involved with Drupal?

After some years of working on homegrown solutions for content management, my former company decided that an updated approach was needed, and Drupal was the solution that offered the most promise. I was initially tasked with the development of the Drupal CMS solution that would be used by the company. That was 12 years ago, and I’ve been working with Drupal ever since.

4. Is there a go-to Drupal module that you like to incorporate whenever possible?

Not really. There are some modules that seem ubiquitous for every Drupal site that I’ve ever worked on. I think the beauty of our open source platform is that you can usually find a contributed module that will fit your needs or requirements. That, I think, is very powerful and helps with the success of Drupal and anyone that uses it.

5. Do you have any recommended reading or books that you would suggest to others?

Yes, but it would depend on the tastes of the reader. But Kurt Vonnegut Jr. will always be my favorite writer, so if anyone is not familiar I would recommend Slaughterhouse-five. It was a required read in my high school English class and got me hooked on Vonnegut. But if you’ve already read it, there are plenty of Vonnegut books for you to try, and I love all of them.

6. Any mobile apps that you use regularly?

Merlin. It’s a bird id app. I’ve always liked birds and would love to be able to identify any that I see or hear. Sadly, I do not have the time to dedicate myself to developing this skill. Luckily, the Merlin app helps to bridge this gap.

7. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Almost anything that you can think of outdoors. I love hiking, camping, watersports, and traveling. I also love woodworking and crafts of all kinds.

8. What do you like about Mediacurrent?

Simply put, I like my co-workers. Everyone I’ve worked with at Mediacurrent is dedicated to their craft and shows professionalism in every aspect of their job. 

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Meet team member, Daphney Addotta

Daphney utilizes her expertise in recruiting technical resources, communication, and human resources to help her excel in her role as Recruitment and Culture Coordinator. In this unique role at Mediacurrent, she focuses on creating meaningful, genuine, and individualized full lifecycle experiences f

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