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Employee Spotlight: Bayo Fodeke

by Rebekah Schnaubelt
January 9, 2020

Each month, we spotlight one of our amazing team members who work hard to bring you great results. Today, we interviewed Bayo Fodeke from our development team. Let's get started!

Bayo Fodeke

1. What’s your role at Mediacurrent, both internally and client-related?
Lead Drupal architect, Eagle emoji artist

2. Give us an idea of what professional path brought you here.
A surprisingly straightforward one actually. I went to school and majored in Software Information Systems with a concentration in web development and a minor in graphic design...and I’ve pretty much been doing that kind of work my whole career. I got involved with the Drupal community by joining the local meetup, Chardug, in 2011 and have had exposure to mentors that helped shape my professional career.

3. How did you first get involved with Drupal?
I stumbled across Drupal 6 because I needed to do a presentation for a networking class. I saw a guide about this “really easy to set up, no code necessary” site and I figured I’d give it a go. By the time I discovered the learning curve that Drupal had, I was already hooked and never looked back. Turned out great!

4. Is there a go-to Drupal module that you like to incorporate whenever possible?
Admin Toolbar - All that dropdown goodness makes it so much easier to navigate Drupal’s menus without a bunch of page refreshes. Pretty much every site I’ve ever built has this.

5. Do you have any recommended reading or books that you would suggest to others?
I pretty recently finished reading these books and enjoyed them very much!

  • Multipliers by Liz Wizeman (🙌🏾to Danielle Barthelemy for the recommendation)
  • Confessions of an Economic hitman


6. Any mobile apps that you use regularly?
1Password - Easily my most used app hands down
Overcast - One of the best podcast apps out there
Procreate - I like to draw stuff
Feedly - I read a lot of articles using this rss aggregator

7. What do you like to do in your spare time?
I really enjoy woodworking, I would do this everyday if I had the opportunity. Besides my love for building, there’s a certain allure to working to build things with tools and materials that are quite dangerous. No `cmd + z` if you chop your finger off, really forces you to pay attention. 

8. What do you like about Mediacurrent?
I really love the people, the culture and the projects at Mediacurrent. The amazing people that I get to work with every day make my job fun and engaging, the culture of learning and improvement is one that really resonates with me, and the projects are complex and challenging which makes me really proud to have been a part of them.


Meet team member, Rebekah Schnaubelt

In her role as Marketing Specialist, Rebekah performs a wide variety of tasks, including managing Mediacurrent’s social platforms, running analytics reports, and planning events.

Rebekah earned her degree cum laude in Marketing from the University of North Georgia. During her time at UNG, she was in multiple honor societies, volunteered in the Writing Department, and spoke at Columbus State University during a Writing Pedagogy mini-conference. Before Mediacurrent, she held the role of Digital Marketing and Communications Associate for the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce. She grew social media engagement for the county and supported event promotion and content strategy.

Rebekah is based out of Mediacurrent’s metro-Atlanta office. She enjoys being active — watch out for her martial arts skills! 

Learn more about Rebekah >

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