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Employee Spotlight: Andrew Messenger

by Mediacurrent Team
February 11, 2019

Each month, we spotlight one of our amazing team members who work hard to bring you great work. Today, we interviewed Andrew Messenger who is a Senior QA Analyst that has been with Mediacurrent for over 2 years! Let's get started!


Andrew Messenger headshot

1. What’s your role at Mediacurrent, both internally and client-related?

As Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, I work to ensure that everything we create is of the absolute highest quality. I have a passion for automation and want to show everyone how amazing and beneficial automation can be.

2. Give us an idea of what professional path brought you here.

I got my first taste of Quality Assurance while working at Emergency-One, a fire truck manufacturing company. After doing this job for a few years I decided to go back to school and I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Game and Simulation Programming. I then moved from QA testing the manufacturing of fire trucks to QA testing the development of video games. Shortly after I made the transition to QA testing for a web development company in my home town. Chris Manning recommended applying at Mediacurrent, I’m so glad I did!

3. How did you first get involved with Drupal?

I worked with .NET and WordPress for years but got my start with Drupal when I started with Mediacurrent. 

4. Is there a go-to Drupal module that you like to incorporate whenever possible?

As someone working in QA, I don’t incorporate modules personally.  

5. Do you have any recommended reading or books that you would suggest to others?

I haven’t read the book yet, but one that sounds intriguing to me is The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell 

6. Any mobile apps that you use regularly?

  • Thingiverse - free repository of objects to 3d print
  • AstroPrint - allows me to monitor my 3d printer from anywhere
  • WhatsApp - allows me to send videos from Android to iOS without it being blurry, and also allows a FaceTime type call between Android and iOS devices
  • Pinterest - I’m always on the lookout for a new project to work on and have fun  

7. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy hanging out with my wife and kids and like any parent I enjoy spending time with my kids and especially enjoy seeing their faces when they learn something new.  We also like to travel when possible.  If I have ‘me time’ I’m into a lot of different things. I make video games, play video games, I love 3d modeling and 3d printing, I play tennis, I enjoy working out in the garage building things, flying FPV racing drones, and recently got into target archery. There are many other things I’m into, but this seems like a decent enough list for now.

8. What do you like about Mediacurrent?

To be perfectly honest, I’m not exaggerating when I say “All the things!” I could really go on and on about what I like about Mediacurrent.  When you break it down to the most important things, it’s all about the people.  Everyone is incredibly passionate, talented, and personable. Even though we are distributed I feel closer to some people at Mediacurrent than I did at my previous jobs when I saw people face to face.  

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