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Drush: A Beginner's Guide to an Advanced Tool

As a member of the Mediacurrent team, I was lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity to present at this year’s Drupalcamp South Carolina during SouthEast LinuxFest 2010.  My topic was predicated around drush, a tool that every Drupal developer should have in their arsenal. The combination of a command line shell with standard Drupal functions and some very useful time saving utilities make drush a powerful Drupal tool.

At its core, Drush allows one to use a single command to complete multi-step operations. For instance, one can download the correct version of a module to the desired location on the server using the dl command.  This basic command will fetch the latest version of the desired module, request the correct version based on the core version of Drupal installed, and extract the files to the proper directory - talk about a time-saver.

The audience was a primarily a mix of developers and system administrators who had a number of solid use cases and questions. Thus, even though the talk was targeted at newbies we ended up covering more advanced questions on drush make files and version control integration.   In retrospect, this topic could easily be broken into multiple sessions for different skill levels and desired usage.  Drush has too many possibilities and too wide a range of users to simply be targeted at one specific group.

To recap, I look forward to having the opportunity to talk about drush and all its wonders again. The slides from this presentation have been uploaded here. I would welcome feedback, comments, or questions.

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