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DrupalCon Global - Mediacurrent's GamePlan

by Rebekah Schnaubelt
July 9, 2020

[The internet] leaves us more connected to a larger group of people and more at one with a lot of people in our community. - Alex Steffen

We’re gearing up for DrupalCon Global, the first-ever fully virtual DrupalCon! As Platinum sponsors, we are excited to network with the Drupal community across the world, connect with old friends, and meet new ones.

The virtual environment doesn’t mean less Mediacurrent: 21 people from Mediacurrent are attending—someone from each area of our expertise! Here are all the ways to connect with our team during DrupalCon:

  • Live sessions
  • Visit our booth
  • Arrange a private meeting
  • Get a free Drupal 9 Readiness Audit

Mediacurrent’s Sessions

Learn about JAMStack with Gatsby, culture, site building, accessibility, and more at these Mediacurrent live sessions: On the JAMStack with Gatsby and Drupal 8 

Creating a Culture of Giving Back 

Paragraphs v Layout Builder - The Final Showdown

Managing Images in Large Scale Drupal Websites

How to Identify, Track, and Correct Common Accessibility Mistakes

Don’t Miss Our Booth

Come connect with the Mediacurrent team at our booth in the Exhibit Hall. We’ll be running demos on Rain, accessibility, and strategy for higher education organizations. When we’re not live, catch one of our latest videos on culture or services put together just for DrupalCon. We'll also be staffing the booth at all times during DrupalCon, so drop in and chat with the team at any time. Finally—don’t forget to register for our Drupal 9 Readiness Audit, which is free for all DrupalCon Attendees that are currently on Drupal 8.

Organizing your DrupalCon experience? Here’s our DrupalCon schedule, including our live sessions, so that you can plan your visit. Please note: this schedule is listed in UTC.

Mediacurrent's DrupalCon Schedule

Meet the Team

We have members from each of our departments joining us this year! We are all looking forward to trading stories, sharing ideas, and learning something new along the way. We’ll be taking turns at the booth, but if you want to speak with someone specific or talk shop with no interruptions, just pop into our booth and ask for a private chat. Our team will put you in touch right away!

Client Services

  • Josh Linard
  • Mary Pat Kelsey
  • Madison Smith
  • Carlos Lee
  • Scott Liberman


  • Dave Terry
  • Michael Silverman

UI/UX Design & Digital Strategy

  • Cheryl Little
  • Celeste Gomez
  • Sheree Hill


  • Damien McKenna
  • Mark Shropshire
  • Rob McBryde
  • Zack Hawkins
  • Tobias Williams
  • Kevin Basarab
  • Rich Lawson
  • Jay Callicott 
  • Rob Powell
  • Mario Hernandez
  • David Barrentine​​

Drupal 9 Readiness Audit

As a special offer for all DrupalCon attendees, we are providing a free Drupal 9 Readiness Audit to anyone currently on Drupal 8 who visits our booth and registers their interest. Just click on the “Get a free D9 audit” button under Event Offer and we’ll get in touch. It’s that simple! If you can’t find the button, one of our teammates will be happy to help—just speak up in the booth chat. 

Additional Resources 

DrupalCon Global 2020 | Page

Mediacurrent Sessions at DrupalCon 2020 | Blog

Rebekah Schnaubelt headshot

Meet team member, Rebekah Schnaubelt

Rebekah performs a wide variety of tasks, including managing Mediacurrent’s social platforms and chatbot, running analytics reports, and planning both marketing and internal culture events. She enjoys cross-collaborating with the variety of teams and roles at Mediacurrent.

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