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DrupalCon Global 2020 Recap

July 22, 2020

It’s a wrap with DrupalCon Global, the first-ever fully virtual DrupalCon! Although the event looked different this year and we missed seeing everyone in person, it was still great to come together as a community. 

Mediacurrent’s team had a big presence at DrupalCon Global with 21 team members attending! We all enjoyed connecting with the Drupal community and taking in all of the shared knowledge from the sessions. Even without being surrounded by thousands of attendees at an in-person event, you could still feel the camaraderie and passion everyone has for Drupal. 

Here are a few takeaways the Mediacurrent team had from DrupalCon Global.

Topics of Note

As a company that values collaboration and culture, some key topics this year hit home for us. These were brought up in live sessions, BOF sessions, summits, and throughout the event, and they felt particularly relevant and discussion-worthy.


Mario Hernandez presented on “Why teaching others is a great way to learn” and our team had a great time hearing from the other speakers during this summit. Contributing is a key component of the Drupal community, and this topic was all about sharing different ways to build the community that will continue to support one another.

"This was my first time attending DrupalCon and my big takeaway was that Drupal is supported by an amazing community. It’s inspiring to see the Drupal community so involved in Drupal’s growth."

-Madison Smith, Client Success Manager

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Diversity and Inclusion

One of the most relevant topics right now, diversity and inclusion appeared throughout the event in many different places from the community summit to live sessions like Jacqueline Gibson’s “Shift Left: Addressing Digital Inequity for the Black Community.” Drupal founder Dries Buytaert spent time talking about the Drupal Association’s continued focus on diversity and inclusion in his keynote speech, introducing it from the start of the event. Our team took away a lot of ideas from these topics and have brought them back to share in our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness (IDEA) initiative. 

Vision of Drupal

Also in this year’s Driesnote, Dries Buytaert talked about the progress made in the past 4.5 years with Drupal 9, which involved an impressive 4,532 individual and 768 organization contributors’ hours of hard work. A good amount of Dries’ talk focused on reviewing the proposed Drupal 10 initiatives. When evaluating what initiatives to consider for Drupal 10, he looked at:

  • Things that we must do to attract new users and stay relevant
  • Things existing users are asking us to do
  • Things we already started
  • Things that are mandatory

“I always get value out of the Driesnote. It is exciting to hear what Dries has to say about how far we have come and his vision for Drupal’s future. Automated updates, improved themes, and continued smooth upgrades for Drupal 9.x, Drupal 10, and beyond.”

-Mark Shropshire, Senior Director of Development

Dries also talked about making sure the initiatives are well-balanced, which involves evaluating whether they both reduce technical debt and innovate, consider different stakeholders/personas, balance short-term and long-term goals, and have a clear reason for organizations and individuals to adopt Drupal.

With a target Drupal 10 release of June 2022, these are the initiatives that were landed on:

  1. JS menu component
  2. Automated updates
  3. New front end theme
  4. Easy out-of-the-box
  5. Drupal 10 readiness

Source: DrupalCon Global Driesnote

A Virtual Platform

We would be remiss if we concluded this recap without mentioning the format. The event took place online, and while we were not without our doubts, we knew that the Drupal Association was working incredibly hard leading up to and during the event to make it run smoothly and provide a great experience. We think the whole community would agree when we say that they did an excellent job.

“The week was remarkably productive, even without being in the same location and able to chat face-to-face with people. There was equal volumes of insight and heart to those seeking either. The Drupal Pets BOF was a personal highlight of mine.”

-Damien McKenna, Community Lead

Collage of screen shots of Mediacurrent's DrupalCon booth

Exhibit Hall

The exhibit hall offered attendees the opportunity to speak directly with different sponsors. When our booth was not live, we communicated our services, culture, and company values in three brand new videos produced for DrupalCon. The live hours were a great example of the community coming together to share demos of projects and discuss an array of topics. Our booth offered multiple demos, like one on Rain, which gave our team a chance to discuss projects and contributions with those who were interested.


The live sessions were a hit! Our team had 6 live sessions, including summits, and participated in panel discussions as well. Additionally, the experience from the viewer side was also positive. There was a lot of talk about the chat functionality and how it positively impacted the experience.

“Having a live chat has been a great way to connect this year with videos. I find myself watching YouTube premieres more often with the chat interaction and DrupalCon was no different. It keeps your focus on the presentation and draws you back to key ideas that you may not have picked up on. I think gathering as one at a specific time to watch a presentation with live chat keeps your focus and gives you more of the in-person event feel.”

-Kevin Basarab, VP of Delivery

“As a presenter, the interaction and delivery of content was better than I expected, and pretty effective.”

-Mario Hernandez, Head of Learning

Our Sessions

Mediacurrent was excited to present at DrupalCon, and we hope you had a chance to join some of our sessions. If you did miss them, or you would like to review them again, check out the session recordings below. On the JAMStack with Gatsby and Drupal 8 

Creating a Culture of Giving Back 

Paragraphs v Layout Builder - The Final Showdown

Managing Images in Large Scale Drupal Websites

How to Identify, Track, and Correct Common Accessibility Mistakes

Collage of screen shots of presentations

Final Thoughts

DrupalCon Global was a different experience from previous DrupalCons for everyone involved. We are grateful to all of the conference organizers for the work they put into making this year’s event a success, especially given all of the circumstances they had to work through. Even with all the changes, our team had a great time connecting with the community and sharing knowledge and insight, and we can’t wait until next year to see you again. We would love to hear your thoughts about the event—leave us a comment with your key takeaways.

If your organization would like to discuss how Mediacurrent can help with your open source based strategy, please contact us today. If you missed us at our booth, we were offering attendees a free Drupal 9 Readiness Audit to anyone currently on Drupal 8. You can still take advantage of this offer. Learn more here

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