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Drupalcamp Atlanta Announcement and Other News…

There have been a lot of positive developments in the Atlanta Drupal community that I want to highlight.  Here is a summary of what’s been going on in case you have not been able to participate directly:

Drupalcamp Atlanta - I am really excited to announce Atlanta's first Drupalcamp ever will be coming this Fall.  We have tentatively earmarked September 19, 2009 in case you want to block off your calendars now.  There has been a steering committee formed and planning is well underway.  Our mission is twofold – (1.) to educate and (2.) to continue evangelizing Drupal in the Southeast.  Our meetups and workshops will serve as a launching pad for the camp.  We have secured an initial commitment from a local university, taken the first swipe at a website, and are plowing forward with logistics. If you are interested in leading a presentation or sponsoring the event then please reach out to me.  Stay tuned.  More information will be coming!

ADUG Meetups/Workshops - We’ve had some simply awesome presentations lately including a case study by Bill Shauoy with IBM, a Drupalcon debriefing panel discussion in March, and an insightful session by Scott Markle with last month.  During the May 19th meetup, we’ll be hearing about a new Drupal website start-up.  In case you have not heard, we moved the 2nd Tuesday meetups to a larger, more centrally located venue in the Perimeter area of Atlanta.  The hands-on workshops on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, led by Richard Van Slyke, have been tackling a variety of Drupal topics like taxonomy, panels, and views.  We have a slate of other popular subjects already in the queue.  Both groups offer plenty of networking opportunities for everyone from beginners to advanced users.

ADUG Website Redesign - Long-time members know that the redesign of the current ADUG site has been, well, let’s just say "a work in progress" over the last year.  But, we gained traction at a code sprint last year, and a core group of members are resurrecting the project.  In short, we are really looking to enhance the current version with more in-depth content, a better user interface, and centralized resources.

Social Networking - Barb Prebble, ADUG’s chief marketing officer, has been instrumental in spreading the word by setting up ADUG on a variety of outlets.  You can now follow happenings on Twitter, on our own Linkedin subgroup, and on a wiki that has been started for group collaboration (Please click on any of the links to sign up.).  Also, special recognition goes out to one of our members, Utzu Logigan, for video recording presentations that will be available on the new site.  Finally, we hope to continue cross-pollinating with other local meetups, particularly those in the open-source sphere.

Sponsors - One of the newest changes we introduced in 2009 was a lower cost of sponsorship (100 bucks).  This helps to keep meetings FREE, and it provides pizza and beverages to members who do not have a chance to eat dinner beforehand.   This has proven popular, as sponsors have the attention of a cross-section of top-notch technologists.  I personally know of a few deals that were inked as a result.

That’s all for now.  Remember, we can always use more presentation ideas, speakers, volunteers, sponsors, and members.  I would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has organized a barcamp-type event before.

Dave Terry

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