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Drupalcamp Atlanta 2015 Program Highlights

by Mediacurrent Team
October 13, 2015

We're proud to sponsor Drupalcamp Atlanta 2015 on October 16th-17th. This year’s camp event takes place at Kennesaw State University, just around the corner from our Alpharetta headquarters, and will be attended by 17 members of the Mediacurrent team.

As part of Drupalcamp ATL's expanded 2-day program, Mediacurrent will present 8 sessions. Our presentations cover something for everyone, with topics ranging from conquering Drupal 8 to achieving next-level CSS, writing better bug reports, and growth hacking for marketers.

Be sure to mark your calendar for these Drupalcamp ATL sessions.

Friday, October 16: 

Leveling up CSS with SMACSS and BEM (1:30pm - 2:20pm) 

Writing CSS is easy. Writing CSS that can scale and can be easily maintained is not. In this session, Theming Manager Zack Hawkins will explore techniques and best practices for writing scalable, maintainable CSS. Zack will touch on the following topics for next-level CSS:

  • Using SMACSS and BEM with Drupal
  • Lessons learned (the hard way)
  • Theme architecture
  • Refactoring current or inherited projects to be less awful

Growth Hacking with Content, Marketing Automation, and Drupal (2:30pm-3:20pm)

Growth hackers work smarter by understanding the status quo and coming up with creative ways to leverage the standard systems. In this session, Marketing Director Shellie Hutchens will pull back the curtain on several growth hacks Mediacurrent has used to achieve 129% year-over-year growth in conversions, leveraging content creation, marketing automation, CRM tools and Drupal.

She came, she saw, she growth hacked. And you can too. In this session, Shellie will explore:

  • Hyper targeting website visitors through progressive profiling, lead scoring and other analytics tools
  • Campaign building and execution Marketing Automation and CRM integration
  • Why use a Marketing Automation module?

How to Write an Efficient Defect Case and Save Money (3:30pm-4:20pm)

Have you ever had to test a bug case that seems impossible? You spend significant time and effort to decipher the description and duplicate the issue, all the while asking yourself, what in the world are they talking about? All this costs money.

In this session, QA lead Thomas Burke will demonstrate how to write up a good defect case, so that whoever has to verify it can do so without having to spend a lot of precious time understanding the issue and how to test it. Money-saving topics will include:

  • Identifying defects 
  • Who writes a bug report?
  • When should you write up a defect? 
  • Tips on reducing defects

Drupal 8 and Symfony2: Not so Scary! (4:30pm-5:20pm)

This presentation won’t get you off the "Drupal Island," but it will teach you how to turn palm trees into a questionably-seaworthy raft. In this Drupal 8 presentation, Senior Developer Derek DeRaps will break down all those scary-sounding Symfony words into concrete terms: routes, controllers, services, the service container, YAML, object oriented programming, dependency injection, and the Drupal Console.

The session will include a LIVE DEMO of Drupal 8 development in PhpStorm, which we're sure will go smoothly. So don your thinking caps, bring your questions, and prepare for an entertaining and enlightening discussion of the Drupal 8 / Symfony world.

Saturday, October 17: 

Learn to Create Advanced Theme Settings in Drupal — Including Drupal 8! (9:00am-9:50am)

Have you ever edited the appearance settings of a theme like Omega, and wondered how it provides its own custom options? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do this for your theme, and provide site builders with straightforward tools for choosing different style treatments, or localization settings? Then it’s time for you to dive into custom theme settings!

By leveraging custom theme settings themers can create a variety of controls to help site builders customize their sites, including localization options. In addition, advanced theme settings can be the perfect framework to build a one-size-fits-all theme on an enterprise level. In this intermediate-level presentation, Senior Front-End Developer Eric Huffman will cover:

  • An introduction to developing custom theme settings, including best practices and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Useful examples of where custom theme settings can help provide site builders with site-wide style treatment options.
  • How you can make use of custom theme settings for providing localization options.
  • What’s new in D8 for advanced theme settings. 

Decoupled Drupal 8 (11:00am-11:50am)

Lately there has been an increasing interest in decoupled Drupal (a.k.a. headless Drupal). Lullabot and are two organizations that have recently announced new sites that feature decoupled Drupal. In a decoupled architecture, Drupal is used as a way to create, store, and provide content, but it does not present that content. Instead, RESTful interfaces allow other applications, such as single-page javascript applications and mobile applications, to pull content from Drupal and display it within those applications. In this session, Solutions Architect Paul McKibben will:

  • Discuss the pros and cons of a decoupled Drupal architecture
  • Show how Drupal 8's core RESTful capabilities are ideal for a decoupled architecture
  • Demo a live example

Using D3 With Drupal (1:00pm-1:50pm)

Data-Driven Documents (D3) is a javascript library for building graphic visualizations for data. The d3.js library uses scalable vector graphics to generate charts, graphs and maps that are scalable and interactive. This session will walk through setting up the D3 module and how to pull data from an external source or from views. In this session, Senior Front End Developer Chris Doherty will lead a discussion of the d3.js syntax. The intended audience is  site builders, themers and developers. 

A First Look at Behavior Driven Development with Behat in Drupal (1:00pm-1:50pm)

Engineers and developers tend to be passionate about building something great, and Drupal is the ideal foundation. In this presentation, Senior Drupal Developer Chris Zietlow will explain why testing is the best way to ensure sustainable quality in what you build. While Drupal already uses some great tools for this (simpletest, php code sniffer, php unit) Chris likes to talk about another option; Behat, and the Behavior Driven Development paradigm that it encourages. BDD will deliver a better product, something that developers and clients can both agree on.

Stop by and say hello 

The easiest way to connect with the Mediacurrent team is to stop by our table in the exhibition area. Or, contact us to schedule a meeting. 

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