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Drupalcamp Atlanta 2014 is Open for Registrations!

Drupal enthusiasts from across the nation will be coming to Kennesaw State University on October 3rd and 4th for Drupacamp Atlanta 2014.

Drupalcamp Atlanta is an attendee-driven, completely volunteer initiative modeled after the open, participatory nature of barcamps. The event caters to everyone—curious beginners, designers, developers, and business owners are all welcome! The mission and purpose behind organizing Drupalcamp Atlanta is to educate and evangelize people about Drupal within our geographic region. 

If you remember earlier this year we announced to the local Atlanta Drupal community that Mediacurrent would not be playing a lead organizational role in Drupalcamp Atlanta 2014.  We are proud that Drupalcamp Atlanta grew from a very small group of volunteers who put together the first camp in 2009 at Kennesaw State University to one of the largest, most informative Drupal events on the East Coast. You can read more about our decision to not lead the organization efforts of DcATL here

We put the challenge out to the local community asking for volunteers. We’re excited to say that several enthusiastic, forward-thinking ADUG members stepped up to the plate: Malcus Richardson, Kaleem Clarkson, Taylor Wright, Barb Prebble, and Zach Sines. They rallied and were committed to making sure Drupalcamp Atlanta did not miss a year. 

Thus, we join their excitement and announcing that Drupalcamp Atlanta is officially “a go” and now open for registrations and session submissions

Mediacurrent will be there, sponsoring, submitting sessions, and volunteering - after all, we know how much work goes into this camp. Let's do this!

You can register for Drupalcamp Atlanta at 

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