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DrupalCamp Asheville in review

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend DrupalCamp Asheville. I hadn't been to Asheville in years and had been itching to get back up to the town and wasn't disappointed. After taking 100's of photos around the Biltmore Estate on Friday it was off to dinner at Mela's Indian Restaurant. A fabulous fair of food and local beers started my introduction to downtown Asheville. 

Saturday morning I headed down to AB Technical College for the actual camp. This camp was the first time I'd given a presentation at larger Drupal event so I was looking forward to the experience. My session was first in the morning to speak about using Drush to speed your development process. I had some great questions from users in the room and being the first timeslot of the day led to a great segue to other sessions that would help show more advanced usages of Drush. If you attended the session I'd love to hear your feedback in comments below. 

After my session I headed over to check out Continuous Drupal deployment given by Zach Seifts. I was a bit overwhelmed by the volume of information Zach covered, but it definitely shows how much you can automate in Drupal deployments. Following Zach I checked into Panels: Why, when, where and how followed by a great keynote on why you should contribute to Drupal from EzraThomas Lattimore's advanced theming showed some great uses of preprocess and the difference between a template_preprocess and a theme_hook. Performance for site builders was my favorite learning session of the day. Erik Webb reminded us that though so much Drupal scaling is done at the system admin level now there is a lot we can do as developers to scale Drupal at the application layer. Finally I wrapped up the day learning more about the Commerce module from Andy Giles

This wasn't my first camp. I've attended Florida and Atlanta before. The scale was smaller but the sessions/attendees were great. As with any camps/events you have to go out afterwards to really experience the event. The afterparty after was a great time to chat with other presenters/attendees and continue to show me why I love Drupal so much. Thanks to the entire team in Asheville and Matt Connerton for putting everything together.



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