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Drupal at Dreamforce

It’s been several days since the finale of Dreamforce 2014. With over 100,000 attendees, Dreamforce is one of the world’s largest cloud computing and business conferences.

Marketing Director, Adam Waid, accepting the Best Over SMB Award for Mediacurrent This year was particularly special for Mediacurrent (and for the Drupal community at large) as we were awarded Best Overall Small to Medium-Sized Business By Salesforce. The award celebrates the best overall marketing and sales story at the SMB level (1-100 employees).

Throughout the conference I had the privilege of meeting with various industry leaders and was impressed (but not surprised) to see the number of Enterprise-level organizations using Drupal at the conference. Organizations like Manhattan Associates, General Electric, Precor, and Tesla, just to name a few.

During my presentation and throughout the conference I had numerous conversations with marketers about getting the most out of their marketing automation, content marketing, social media engagement, and SEO, to drive prospective buyers to engage with their company.

More often than not, that engagement is happening on their website where they need to deliver an immersive digital experience that sets their organization apart and keeps prospects and customers coming back. That means their site needs to feature the latest functionality, support any number of visitors without fail, and be accessible from any device.

Enter Drupal conversations at Dreamforce. . .

Drupal provides organizations with access to innovative functionality, countless solutions, and powerful, integrated tools. This full-fledged platform makes it possible to not only understand who your site visitors are and what they want to accomplish, but to dig deeper into their interactions and content and navigation preferences so you can optimize engagements.

To effectively attract, engage, and convert prospective buyers, you must deliver an immersive digital experience with your website as the hub. Satisfying site visitor expectations requires that you continually enhance your site to keep pace with changing functionality and trends. With Drupal as the foundation for your site, you can do just that. Drupal provides a robust platform proven to support some of the world’s largest traffic volumes along with access to a range of tools, functionality, and solutions—and a thriving developer community. With Drupal, you are empowered to address the content, community, and commerce demands of today’s digital marketplace. Moreover, you gain the flexibility, agility, and freedom to build and launch engaging campaigns and digital experiences quickly.

Mediacurrent values being a part of the thriving Drupal community, and I was personally proud to see all the activity and conversations about Drupal being had at Dreamforce.  We look forward many more years of using the product suite and is transforming our business and our customers’ digital landscape in entirely new ways.

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