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Drupal Coworking Friday: An Update (January)

by Mediacurrent Team
January 12, 2012

After posting my thoughts about having a Drupal Coworking Friday, I'm pleased to announce that ten cities have listed themselves as participating in the first ever Drupal Coworking Friday!

Read the first post in this series for more information if you aren't sure what Drupal Coworking Friday is.

There is still plenty of time left for you to figure out if you will be attending one of the events near you. Please see the map as well as stop by the Drupal Coworking Group for a listing of events and for more information.

If you do attend one of these events, I ask that you tag any photos/videos/tweets with the tag #drupalcowork so we can help measure the combined effect these events have on the community in general.

Known Cities (or view it in a map):

Don't worry, if your city isn't listed or one isn't near you, you can still create a Drupal Coworking Friday event for January or any month following. If you are interested in hosting a Coworking Friday please see the FAQ.

Last but not least, I'd like to say a preemptive thank you to all the people who have volunteered to host a city as well as the sponsors who have stepped up to cover costs!

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