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Drupal Coworking Friday Followup

We've now wrapped up the first Drupal Coworking Friday and it was a resounding success. We had an estimated 100 attendees worldwide across three countries and 10 cities. The good news is even more cities want to participate this month!

I'm writing this post as a quick update so the curious know how it went overall but ultimately I wanted to thank all of the attendees, hosts and sponsors. Without these three groups this event (well, the first of many events) would have never happened. A special thank you to the hosts and sponsors that took time out of their lives/busy days (as well as money) to make this a reality for the general Drupal public.

Want to see pictures of events around the world? Here are the photos I've collected so far.

Check out to find the next Drupal Coworking Friday in your area (or start one up).

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