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Drupal 8 and Symfony2 - Not so Scary!

My presentation from Drupalcamp Atlanta 2015 takes you on a magical journey through the mystical lands of Drupal 8 + Symfony. And trust me, you want to take this journey. Why? Because no matter your development background or experience, making the switch to Drupal 8 is going to hurt. Consider this time a dose of preventative medicine :D

Routes, controllers, and services, oh my!

You'll get a primer on some of those new, scary-sounding terms you've probably heard, like the Service Container, OOP, YAML, and Dependency Injection. You'll also see a (mostly) successful live demo of Drupal 8 development using the Drupal Console and PhpStorm (this from a guy who is all about the vims).

The presentation recording below won’t get you off the "Drupal Island" and onto the continental turf of "Proudly Made Elsewhere" (Symfony), but it will teach you how to turn those palm trees into a questionably-seaworthy raft.

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