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Drupal 7’s End of Life Extended: Keep Your Plans on Track

March 8, 2022

Over a decade old, Drupal 7 recently got an end of life extension set for November 2023, to be re-evaluated annually. Although it’s got a large user base, that doesn’t guarantee support for modules or 3rd party add ons, and future upgrades are not going to get easier. Once the end of life occurs, security fixes, updates, and enhancements will no longer be provided by the Drupal community.

What’s next for my Drupal 7 site?

Just because the end of life is extended doesn’t mean putting off the decision to upgrade is the best move. Here are a few benefits of keeping your upgrade plans on track:

  • The extension gives your team the time to do your next project right. Include more strategy and consider a redesign in addition to your lift and shift.
  • Starting now can help from a cost perspective. Like everything else we’re seeing in the marketplace, costs and rates will likely increase this time next year. 
  • Moving to D9/D10 now will help grow your team. People get excited to work with new technologies!

Why should I upgrade?

Upgrading to Drupal 9 is the opportunity to revolutionize the way you think about the web as a business tool. At this time, no new features are being added to Drupal 7. All the innovation is happening in Drupal 9! Look at Drupal 9’s core features:

All the best of Drupal 8 - Drupal 8 came with many new features such as an improved authoring experience with Layout Builder, an API-first architecture that opens the door to a decoupled CMS, TWIG templating engine for improved design capabilities, and built-in web integrations to name a few. All of these features are carried over to Drupal 9.

Intuitive tools - Improving Drupal’s ease-of-use remains a top priority. Easy out of the box, a new front-end theme, and automatic updates are among the strategic initiatives for Drupal core.

Future upgrades - Upgrades will be seamless for future releases. You will no longer be forced to replatform as new versions are released.

Stay on the edge of innovation - Adopting Drupal 9 will give you access to the latest new feature releases.

Powerful Distributions - If you’re planning a Drupal 9 project, you don’t have to start with a blank slate. Drupal distributions like Rain CMS can be used as the “starter” for your next Drupal project.

As Drupal 7 end of life draws near, we have resources prepared for you to upgrade. In our blog, Risks of Staying On Drupal 7 After Its End of Life, we explain security risks that you could face by not upgrading your Drupal 7 site. If you’re wondering where to go next on Drupal 7, check out our eBook, How to Think About Drupal 9: Empower Digital Innovation

Moving forward

By July 2023, the Drupal Association will announce whether they will extend Drupal 7 community support an additional year or continue with the end of life date of November 2023. Whether Drupal 7 end of life is extended another year or remains in 2023, it would be the best decision to upgrade to Drupal 9.

Site upgrades take time. To make sure you have the opportunity to give your project the best upgrade possible, start the process today. Does your organization need help migrating from Drupal 7? Contact our team to let us know how we can help you.