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Dropcast: Episode 37 - And the award goes to...

May 3, 2018

Recorded May 1st, 2018

This episode we welcome Kevin Thull, a Freelance drupal architect obsessed with Chicago food trucks.  Most of you know him as the recipient of the 2018 Aaron Winborn Award. Also has totally helped me get my AV on for ABQWebgeeks and Decoupled Drupal Days (coming up in August).

Episode 37 Audio Download Link



  1. Tell us about yourself

  2. What’s the deal with

  3. How or why did you get started with recording every talk at Drupal Camps across the states?  Maybe international too?

  4. What events/camps are next on your list?

  5. How do you decide what camps you will attend to record them?

    1. Tell us a little bit about the process to getting you out to a camp / the equipment..

  6. Are you sponsored by someone that covers the cost that goes associated with making recordings happen?  Travel, lodging, equipment, etc.

  7. What was your reaction when you learned you will be receiving the Aaron Winborn award?

  8. What has been the response from the community after you were awarded the award?

  9. How has your life change because of that?

  10. What is the Drupal freelance market like in 2018? Drupal 8? 7? 6?

  11. What is the setup you use. Blue Drop

    1. Hauppauge HD PVR


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