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Dropcast Episode 32: Hiatus? We thought you said HateUs

July 6, 2017
Recorded June 19th, 2017

We finally take a break from taking breaks and were able to get together to chat about other awesome resources out there that we use. Also, Bob went to DinosaurJS in Denver last month and wanted to talk about all the great things he saw while off the Drupal island. Mario snuck in the Pro Project Pick and Ryan joins us to just in time to be replaced by a robot in the Final Bell.

Episode 32 Audio Download Link


Where do you get your Learn On?

  • Mario: Build A Module,, D.O., Camps, Meetups and Blog posts (OSTraining, WebWash, Mediacurrent, Acquia, etc.)

  • Mark: DrupalEasy Podcast, Code Reviews, Wes Bos Series. BAM.

  • Bob: The Internet

  • Ryan: CodeSchool, reading others’ code (core, contrib, custom), Drupal API docs

Bob Blathers on about DinoJS

  • Value of non-Drupal events

  • Chrome V8

  • Typescript

  • Shifting complexity from frameworks to the compiler tools

  • Tom Dale from EmberJS

  • IoT, Nodebots, Johnny5, Serverless, and Raspberry Pi

Drupal News:

Pro Project Pick:


The Final Bell:

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