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Dropcast: Episode 26: Let Us Give Thanks

December 8, 2016

Recorded Nov 30, 2016

This episode, the whole crew is together again, and since we recorded it sort of close to the Thanksgiving holiday, we talk about the things we are most grateful for in the Drupal community. As always we have Drupal News, featured blog posts and the ever popular, Final Bell.

Episode 26 Audio Download Link


Mediacurrent Blog Mentions (Mario and Bob):

What we are thankful for in the Drupal community

  • Bob: The community of Drupal contrib module maintainers.

  • Mario: I am thankful for the awesome people changing Drupal’s front-end landscape

  • Mark: Drupical and all the people who put together camps and meet-ups.

  • Ryan: For being accessible enough that I could change careers and be successful.

Pro Project Pick:

Drupal News:


The Final Bell:

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