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Dropcast: Episode 25: The Good, The BadCamp and The Ugly

Recorded October 26th

This episode we are all back in the ‘studio’ to talk about the great time most of us had at BADCamp the weekend prior. Ryan didn’t go so he won’t have much to say, but he will of course have his Final Bell, along with some Blog Mentions, Drupal News and a variety of failed humor.

Episode 25 Audio Download Link


Mediacurrent Blog Mentions:

BADCamp Recap:

MC talks

Other talks and thoughts:

Pro Project Pick:

Drupal News:


The Final Bell:

Mark Casias

Meet team member, Mark Casias

Mark brings a fifteen year programming background and six years of Drupal experience to his role as Senior Drupal Developer at Mediacurrent. Highly involved in his local web community, Mark...

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