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Dropcast: Episode 18- Try, Try Again

April 14, 2016

This episode we are going to have an interview with Matt Davis, to talk about his work with Weather Underground, and decoupling Drupal from the presentation layer, or die trying. This is our second third take on Episode 18, and we need to thank Oscar Mejivar for coming on. We will be re-recording that episode at a later date, so please tune in because outside my horrible production skills, it’s was a great topic and we want to share it with you. Stay tuned. In the meantime, go check out


Mediacurrent Blog Mentions:

Matt Davis Interview:

  • Applied Progressive Decoupling:, Angular and Drupal

  • Hi Matt, tell us what your role with Mediacurrent is

  • Fun fact, Mark, Matt and myself started with Mediacurrent the same day.  No question here, just wanted to say that LOL.

  • As far as I can recall, you’ve been pretty much dedicated to the project pretty much since you started.  What role have you played in the deployment of the new

  • was launched a while back but you continue to work on a related project, can you talk about that?

  • There was a recent article by Acquia/Dries about the approach Mediacurrent took to make decoupled.  You spoke about that at SandCamp and will also be speaking at DrupalCon in New Orleans.  Can you give us a brief summary of that process, frameworks you used, etc?

  • Now that you are working on Weather underground, you have been relocated to SF.  There you actually had a chance to meet with Google’s Engineers behind Angular 2 to discuss how you are implementing Angular 2 in weather underground.  What was the reason for meeting with Google?

  • You’ll be one speaking at an upcoming conference, can you tell us about that? (

  • Also you have a webinar coming up at Acquia

  • I hear you’re also actively working on building a Drupal 8 module that allows for progressive decoupling based on the TWC model. How’s that going?

Pro Project Pick:

Normal News:

The Final Bell: