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Dropcast: Episode 15 - International Front End

by Mark Casias
January 14, 2016

This week we have gone international with @MortenDK, who may or may not have an actual last name. He resides and is joining us from Denmark! Mario will be talking about all things front end with him while the rest of us nod our heads and pretend to understand. We have actual content in the Mail Drop, some of the great Drupal news that happened over the holidays, and of course, Ryan wraps this all up on the Final Bell.

Episode 15 Audio Download Link


Mediacurrent Blog Mentions:

  • Contrib Committee Status Review for November, 2015

    Damien McKenna - Community Lead

    • The Metatag module’s Drupal 8 port saw a few bug fixes from Michelle Cox.

    • Nathan James wrote a new module called Language Groups that provides a method of grouping multiple locales into one, designed for use as a Panels access plugin aka selection rule.

    • Nathan also made some improvements to the Panels Theme Override module and Localized Page Manager Paths module.

    • Damien continued to work on Metatag’s internationalization support, along with a few other fixes.

    • Dan Polant continued improving the Commerce Coupon module.

    • David Younker continued improving the Instagram Social Feed module. Michelle continued her battle against the hordes of spam residing on and its subsites.

    • Damien fixed some bugs in the Twitter module’s D6 release.

    • Alex McCabe continued work on his port of the Third Party Wrappers module.

    • David continued work on his port of Instagram Social Feed.

    • Mark Casias continued work his port of the jPlayer module.

    • Metatag's first release for D8, v8.x-1.0-beta1, was released on the 19th, with beta2 a few days later to fix some bugs in beta1. Work continues on this towards making it a stable platform for Drupal 8’s SEO.

Special Guest MortenDK:

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? How long have you been working as a developer? How did you get involved with Drupal?

  2. Given the amount of travel you do, I don’t think I am the only one who wonders how you make money :-). Tell us the type of projects you work on and what kind of teams you usually work with.

  3. What exactly was your role in the release of D8 from a front-end point of view?

  4. We all have our own complaints about how Drupal does things (whether it is front-end or back-end), but what was your primary motivator to get involved with D8’s front-end improvements?

  5. Is there anything about D8 that you wish you would have had more time to work on or campaign more about now that D8 is officially released?

  6. What D8 improvements do you feel are high priority and how can one get involved to help out?

  7. Do you have any recommendations for training on D8 (front-end or back-end)?

  8. In your opinion, what can we expect from D8 in the coming years as far as improvements?

  9. Are there any initiatives related to D8 or Drupal in general that you would like to point out to the community to make things better?

  10. Are you going to SANDCamp?


  • John Cloys

    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for your podcast, great content, and very useful insights and tips. I wanted to ask what everyone is most excited about in D8? While I imagine it can vary from role to role (DevOps vs. Site Builder) I wanted to get a pulse of what everyone thinking and for what reasons. Additionally, just wanted to mention that DrupalCamp NJ is 1/30 and more info is at

    Happy Holidays!

    John Cloys

    Principal Partner, Clean Slate Partners

Pro Project Pick:

Normal Drupal News Not Exclusively About D8:

The Final Bell:

  • Drupical. Is anyone planning on attending a global sprint in January?

  • The Need for Developers is Going Up - Way Up (Drupal Easy)

  • SANDcamp is February 24 to 27th, 2016 in San Diego, California.

    Mark, Bob, and Mario will be there and may or may not be speaking (depending on the time you load the page).


Meet team member, Markie Casias

Mark brings a fifteen year programming background and six years of Drupal experience to his role as Senior Drupal Developer at Mediacurrent. Highly involved in his local web community, Mark runs the ABQ Webgeeks Group and started the Albuquerque Drupal Users group. A former radio personalit

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