Dropcast - Episode 14

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Dropcast - Episode 14

This episode we welcome Cathy Theys from BlackMesh to talk about the Global Sprint weekend coming up in January 2016. We also talk a bit about accessibility and Mark learns about Drupical. As always Mario talks about a few Mediacurrent blog posts, Bob does the news, and since it’s the holidays instead of the Final Bell, Ryan finishes it off with the Jingle Bell.

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Mediacurrent Blog Mentions (Mario):

Special Guest Cathy Theys:  (Mark)

  1. Generic ‘About Cathy’ questions

  2. Global Sprint Weekend 2016 https://groups.drupal.org/node/488988

    • when is it?

    • who hosts them?

    • what kind of space is needed?

    • what topics are sprinted on?

    • how to sign up?

    • who should attend?

    • what happens after? (spreadsheet, enter in who, where, number, good, bad, etc.)

  3. Drupical?

  4. http://yesct.net

MailDrop (mark):

  • we got spammed...we are so official!

Pro Project Pick (Ryan):

Normal Drupal News Not Exclusively About D8 (Bob):

The Final Jingle Bell (ryan):

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