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Driving Predictable Revenue Through Demand Generation

If you are in Atlanta and utilizing Marketing Automation or considering it for your organization, plan to attend the next Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA) event. 

On May 28th we'll learn how to operationalize your demand generation around your buyer’s journey to systematically and repeatable address customer needs across all your marketing and sales touch points. We'll cover topics for both B2B and B2C like:

  • Addressing customer’s needs across all your marketing touch points
  • Creating better content for your customer's buying journey
  • Learning from other industry leaders how their successfully organizing their demand generation strategy 

During the 2nd half of the meeting we will break out B2B and B2C to discuss some of the major pain points facing your organization like:

  • cart abandonment
  • email frequency
  • lead management best practices
  • and content marketing generation

Plan to join us at the Atlanta Tech Village on May 28th. You can register here.

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