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Creating Advanced Theme Settings in Drupal and D8

Have you ever edited the appearance settings of a theme like Omega, and wondered how it provides its own custom options? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do this for your theme, and provide site builders with straightforward tools for choosing different style treatments, or localization settings? Then it’s time for you to dive into custom theme settings!

By leveraging custom theme settings themers can create a variety of controls to help site builders customize their sites, including localization options. In addition, advanced theme settings can be the perfect framework to build a one-size-fits-all theme on an enterprise level.

Check out the video of my DrupalCamp Atlanta presentation, “Learn to Create Advanced Theme Settings in Drupal — Including Drupal 8!” It covers:

  • An introduction to developing custom theme settings, including best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

  • Useful examples of where custom theme settings can help provide site builders with site-wide style treatment options.

  • How you can make use of custom theme settings for providing localization options.

  • What’s new in D8 for advanced theme settings. 

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Eric has over a decade of experience working with Drupal as a developer, and site builder starting with Drupal 6 in 2008. His passion lies in designing and building web...

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