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Contrib committee status review for June, 2016

by Damien McKenna
August 4, 2016

A slightly short update this month because, well, summer!




Planning was finishing up for Drupal GovCon , held every year in the DC area. Brad MacDonald has been busy working with the planning team and several of us spent time putting presentations together.

Matt Goodwin and I continued collaborating with others on this year’s NEDCamp, which was announced to have an accessibility theme.

Blog posts

This month Joshua Boltz provided some suggestions for evaluating the security of Drupal contrib modules, and Dan Polant posted some tips and code snippets for working with Drupal 8’s REST system. Both Michelle Williamson and Carie Fisher wrote about accessibility - Michelle’s covered organizing an accessibility hackathon (part 1 and part 2) while Carie wrote about some highlights from DrupalCon New Orleans. Lastly, I wrote about a problem that occasionally happens with’s automated test infrastructure.

Onwards, my friends

The summer is flying right along, make sure you take some time to make the most of it with your friends and family, for winter is on its way. We'll see you next month!


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