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Contrib Committee Status Report, February 2015

by Damien McKenna
March 11, 2015

Our second month of having the contrib committee in place was a little slower in some ways than January. By the numbers, we put in just over 110 hours of non-billable time on contrib projects. There were many reasons for the drop in hours from January – several team members were putting their non-billable time into learning Drupal 8, the lack of a code sprint, and planning began on a number of camps for 2015. Also, remember that this is non-billable work – billable contrib work continues to be a priority for Mediacurrent and our clients.

Starting Drupal 8

February saw us start two Drupal 8 projects, and along with it we started porting some contrib modules.

  • Michelle Cox ported the CrazyEgg module and uploaded a patch for review.
  • Michelle then started to port the FileField Paths module with some help from Paul McKibben; because the Field API is so different to D7’s this is taking some time to basically rewrite it from scratch, so look for a working patch in March.
  • Matt Goodwin and Paul started work on porting the EntityReference ViewMode module. Similar to FieldField Paths, this relies heavily on the Field API so is being rewritten. Again, look for a patch in March.
  • Jason Want also working on a port of the Eloqua module. Work is ongoing, hopefully a patch will be available by the end of March.
  • Jason also identified a bug in the existing port of Webform and worked to help track down its cause.
  • I started porting Metatag. After having an excellent meeting on IRC with co-maintainer (and the module’s original author) Dave Reid and many others, I began some tentative steps towards the goal. This won’t be finished in March, but hopefully I’ll have some code available in a few weeks that others would be able to collaborate on.

All of the above have been sponsored by one of our clients, so thanks go out to them for being willing to contribute to Drupal’s future.

Additionally, the team worked on some other D8 tasks:

Stabilizing Drupal 7

Our efforts to improve the Drupal 7 ecosystem continued this month.

Onwards and upwards

For March we’re going to try refining our internal processes and start putting some momentum into our internal patch list - a list of all contrib patches that we’re using on various sites, with the goal of collaborating on these to push them towards RTBC & being committed. We’re also going to continue striving for shorter release cycles, so stay tuned for more module updates in March!

Drupal on!


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