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Contrib Committee Review for November 2016

As the year slowed down and began cooling off, with holidays beckoning, our efforts also began to trail off a little bit.

Client sponsored

We had a few interesting contributions via our client projects this month:


Blog posts

We do like to write, and that continued unabated.


There wasn’t much going on in November for us here in the USA, besides Thanksgiving where we gathered to eat turkey, stuffing, and pies and discussed the long term effects of colonization of countries on the native peoples. And did I mention pies? Mmmm, pie! That said, planning began on DrupalCon 2017, to be held in Baltimore, Maryland, with several team members getting involved in organizing session tracks.

See you next time!


Meet team member, Damien McKenna

In his role as Community Lead, Damien directs internal initiatives that strengthen Mediacurrent’s commitment to open-source principles, collaboration, and sharing knowledge to strengthen the Drupal community. Regularly ranked as one...

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