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Contrib Committee Review for July, 2017

by Damien McKenna
August 24, 2017

As crazy random happenstances occur, this July saw more people taking time for vacationing, being ill and attending conferences in any single month than we’d had before, excluding DrupalCon months of course. That said, we still managed to squeeze in some good contributions.

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The DrupalCamp Asheville conference is always a good one, and this year was no exception. Mediacurrent’s staff were amongst the organizers and presenters, and thanks to some amazing people all of the presentations are available to watch from your sofa.

One of the shining lights of the north-eastern US Drupal conventions, Drupal GovCon, kicked off their 2017 event at the end of the month. I’ll have more details next month along with links to some presentations from our team mates.

That’ll do it

So, a slightly slow month but we still managed to find time to share some things with you all. Hope you continue to have a great summer, or winter for those in the south. Until next time, take care.

Meet team member, Damien McKenna

In his role as Community Lead, Damien directs internal initiatives that strengthen Mediacurrent’s commitment to open-source principles, collaboration, and sharing knowledge to strengthen the Drupal community. Regularly ranked as one of the ten most active contributors on, Damien has been a significant member of the Drupal community since 2007. In addition to writing documentation, writing & reviewing patches and mentoring others, Damien maintains Metatag, Views, Twitter, Panelizer and several other SEO-focused modules.

Prior to Mediacurrent, Damien spent five years building content management systems and frameworks using multiple languages (PHP, ColdFusion, Ruby), before he was first introduced to Drupal in 2007. A year later, he delved deeper into Drupal 5's architecture while migrating two popular skiing sites off a proprietary system. While becoming increasingly involved in his local Drupal community, Damien led the development of several successful content-rich platforms including a US radio station network spanning ten individual sites. Damien joined Mediacurrent in 2012 as a Lead Drupal Architect, where he was involved with planning the architecture of new sites, project estimates, and lots of hands-on development work.

When not working with Drupal, Damien enjoys playing ukulele and spending time with family in their home in Keene, NH.

Learn more about Damien >

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