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Coffee and Coding

There was plenty of caffeine-fueled discussions at last night Atlanta Drupal Coffee Club.

We conducted a "hands-on" tutorial using Drupal api’s in your own code and how to add an admin panel to your module, while walking through the use of hook_menu() to create a form and validating before submitting.

Another popular discussion was an introduction to Drush, showing how to install this amazing swiss army knife for Drupal. We discussed how to use it for site maintenance and demonstrated creating a site using a makefile.

There was a lively discussion on using Open Atrium with Active Directory. We looked into different scenarios to produce an organization chart using Active Directory and outputting the resulting data directly in Drupal. It was an interesting look into integrating heterogeneous systems using Drupal as a unifying front end.

Theming was another hot topic: how to get started, where to go and what books to read for more information, and discussed the components of a theme and how they all fit together. We also discussed creating sub themes and looked at starter themes, such as Zen and Omega.

It was another great night and a great opportunity for members of the Atlanta Drupal community to come together and help each other on different projects. I walked away feeling amazed at the ways people use Drupal, and I'm already looking forward to the next Atlanta Drupal Coffee Club.

Photos from last night's club are up on our Facebook page.

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