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Code Sprint Success before Drupalcamp Atlanta

The day before Drupalcamp Atlanta, over 40 people got together to support the Drupal community in two different ways:

  • one goal was to honor Aaron Winborn and his battle with ALS by working on the Media module - one that he has been very involved with.
  • the other goal was to introduce people to core contributions and how the community at any level could get involved.

We had all different skill levels attend the sprint but the majority were new to contribution. Albert Volkman and Kevin Basarab gave the group some starting instructions and mentored them through getting started. The group was able to complete ten tasks, mainly testing, re-rolling and fixing patches. While we appreciate the work of everyone who joined us, the following people deserve special recognition for getting enough done to post in the various issue queues:

anzi31, c13l0, caelon, capitalfellow, derek.deraps, dysproseum, heaths1, IvoryTierra, 
manhalt, OddJob, sshealy

Damien McKenna led the team working on the Media module. The Media module sprint necessarily dealt with more complex issues and, as such, fewer but weightier issues were completed. Thanks to the following for helping contribute to the Media module:

agentrickard, cachee ,damienmckenna, kpolymorphic, paulmckibben, robynlgreen

All of us at Mediacurrent had a blast throughout the day and hope to help organize and participate in more sprints in the near future.

Top 10 Moments of Drupalcamp Atlanta 
Group Photo from Drupalcamp Atlanta

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