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The Business Benefits of D8: Empower Digital Innovation With the Newest Version of Drupal

After 4+ years of anticipation, developers and tech industry pros are now ready for Drupal 8 and the 200+ major improvements it brings. But what are the benefits of Drupal 8 from a business perspective?

We believe that your web presence is your organization’s greatest marketing tool, and Drupal’s newest version represents a major opportunity for business leaders. To better your understanding of the business benefits of Drupal 8, join us for a live webinar on Wednesday, November 4th from 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM EST

Webinar registration for the Business Benefits of D8: Empower Digital Innovation With the Newest Version of Drupal session is now open. Sign up today.

Lead by Mediacurrent along with our partners at Acquia, this webinar is recommended for business leaders and marketers of all industries seeking to understand the release of D8 from a digital investment standpoint.  

Key takeaways of this webinar will include:

  • Drupal 8 for Marketers: See how D8 can support SEO efforts and increase ROI

  • Personalized Content: Review D8’s improvements to Accessibility and Internationalization, and how they can extend your reach to all segments of your customer base.

  • Mobile-first: Gain a better understanding of D8's mobile-friendly and responsive capabilities.

  • Integration with Marketing Tools: Connect your CRM, marketing automation software, and analytics tools with D8 as a foundation.

  • Security: Explore the advantages of D8 to reduce costly security breaches and improve maintenance challenges.

  • The Drupal 8 Debate: Learn how to assess if D8 is the right fit to meet your business objectives.

Presented by

  • Dave Terry, Partner, Client Services, Mediacurrent 
  • Shellie Hutchens, Director of Marketing, Mediacurrent
  • David Aponovich, Sr. Director of Digital Experience, Acquia

Dave Terry Shellie Hutchens David Aponovich

We’re looking forward to an informative and engaging discussion. Hope you can join us!

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