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Better Local Development with Vagrant

At Mediacurrent, we found that on-ramping new team members to a project was costing us a lot of time (and money). Although some of our developers already used Vagrant for development, most of us used (native) MAMP or native LAMP, and we routinely spent time troubleshooting problems with our local stack or site-issues that only occurred on one of our machines. Additionally, sometimes errors would appear in Production that could not be reproduced in our local environments.

Vagrant solves a lot of those headaches. By automating the generation of a LAMP stack and project setup - from host file edits to site installations to database imports - we can be assured that we're all working from identical environments. Additionally, we have fewer "surprises" when we release to production, because our Vagrant stack has been tuned to closely match that environment.
Other benefits include:

  • A clean separation between projects (e.g., no more switching PHP versions for the project de l'heure).
  • Low-cost troubleshooting: if your local stack gets foobared, you can wipe away and rebuild for a fresh start.

For those of you already familiar with Vagrant, watch this presentation to learn about latest projects in the Drupal Vagrant ecosystem that will improve your workflow.

If you are new to Vagrant, watch this presentation to learn about why you should be using it and how to get started!

Note: This webinar reviews some of the active Vagrant projects in the Drupal community; the proposed solutions are being explored but are not expressly endorsed by Mediacurrent.

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